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Below is a selection of sizzle reels Jon has written, produced and directed. These were made in the course of development work he has done for various production companies. They demonstrate the techniques that can be used to help sell a show...


GlobeRunners - Studio, light entertainment gameshow.
This sizzle reel seamlessly combines live action footage with motion graphics, 3D CAD animation and green screen shoots to bring to life how this ambitious gameshow would run and look in the real world. The final outcome gives a stylish look that belies the small budget.

Last Comic Standing - Competitive reality show
A short 30" promo that mimics the style used by commercial networks in Australia. This allows the channel to visualise how they might sell the show on air.


Children Or Animals - Studio, light entertainment family game show
The production of this reel combines classic clips with fun animation to walk the client through the format and tone of the show. The narrative is graphic led, meaning it didn't require a voice over.

Armchair Presidents - Studio comedy show for US market
This reel was made for pitching in America to the US cable comedy channels. It uses a specifically sourced US voice over and CAD animation to show how the set would look.

Have I Got News For You - Studio, established comedy format
This sizzle reel was cut to sell a well established UK series and step the networks through the format. It uses existing footage and explains the format structure without the need for a voice over.

Justice Crew VS The World - Docusoap series
This simple yet effect sizzle reel was used as a taster for the raw-nature, up-close feeling of the show. It was put together using existing footage and footage shot by the band. It was turned around in a very short space of time and cost peanuts to put together.

The Job Interview - Factual entertainment format
This simple two minute reel uses aquired footage to create the mood of how the series would feel. It is cut as the show would be and the music used captures the correct tone. No need for a voice over here - simple graphics are used instead. 

What's It Worth? - Studio, factual entertainment show
This 'studio fly-through' uses state of the art 3D CAD animation to bring a studio show alive. Creating a full virtual studio, the animation is able to show off the to scale set design, lighting and replicate several camera moves that would exist in a real studio environment. The cost was minimal but the effect is maximum.

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