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Zombie Media was established by Jon Donaldson in 2012. A TV producer with 20 years experience, Jon’s originally from the UK and has produced and developed TV shows both in Britain and, for the last 10 years, in the Australian market. Jon's worked for some of the biggest broadcasters in the TV business including the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Nickelodeon, MTV, ABC, SBS, Channel 7, Channel 9 and Channel 10. He's also worked for the big indies such as Endemol, Fremantle Media, NBC and ITV Studios Australia.

Until June 2017 Jon was a Development Exec at Keo Films in Sydney. Here he developed formats in entertainment, fact/ent, factual, lifestyle and kids. Jon's other development work has included 2 years at Fremantle Media Australia and 2.5 years at Matchbox Pictures, as well as periods with Freehand TV, Channel 7, Nickelodeon and the BBC in the UK.

Just after moving to Australia in 2007 Jon won a                   for a show he had devised, developed and produced for Nickelodeon in the year before he left the UK. ME:TV was an innovative kid's gameshow that put kids live-to-air via webcams from their own homes. The format was subsequently syndicated around the world at various Nickelodeon stations including the USA.

Jon has also produced shows across many different TV genres - entertainment, reality, children's, lifestyle and music. Much of his background is in studio shows, specialising in live TV broadcasts. He's also an established field producer and long form location director.

Since coming to Australia in early 2007, Jon has produced some of the biggest brands on Australian TV including Dancing With The Stars, Make Me A Supermodel and The Hey Hey Reunion Shows. He developed and EP'd the comedy series Room 101 for SBS. And most recently was the producer and writer of Show Me The Movie for Channel 10.

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