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Zombie Media is a unique TV production and consultancy company. It offers an easy and practical solution to all your programme development needs.

In today's TV landscape of tight deadlines and even tighter budgets many production companies can't afford to employ full-time development teams. And if you’ve got a production in full swing, development can often get relegated to a ‘when we can’ status. Zombie Media offers a number of services to help keep your company’s development slate on track and looking to the future.

From brainstorming sessions, to format development, to shooting and cutting sizzle reels and preparing pitches for networks, Zombie Media can help with all facets of show development. Zombie Media can offer its services from half-a-day to longer term projects. And by only using us when you need us, you’ll not pay for anything you don’t need.

So don’t let a good idea die through lack of time or resources. Let Zombie Media bring your idea back to life!

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